Fault Tolerant Multi AZ EC2, On a beer budget – live from AWS Meetup

Filmed on 18th of March 2021 at the Adelaide AWS User Group, where Arran Peterson presented on how to put together best practice (and cheap!) cloud architecture for business continuity. The title:

“Enterprise grade fault tolerant multi-AZ server deployment on a beer budget”


RATED ‘PG’ – Mild course language.


Arran Peterson
Arran Peterson

Arran is an Infrastructure Consultant with a passion for Microsoft Unified Communications and the true flexibility and scalability of cloud-based solutions.
As a Senior Consultant, Arran brings his expertise in enterprise environments to work with clients around Microsoft Unified Communications product portfolio of Office 365, Exchange and Skype/Teams, along with expertise around transitioning to the cloud-based platforms including AWS, Azure and Google.

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