We Assess Apps

Applications are critical to the operational success of your business. Servers are simply the building blocks that underpin them. Appcentric simplifies the process of understanding how your applications are used and deployed, empowering you to make the right decisions on whether to build, assess, migrate, modernise and how to maintain.


  • Low effort, rapid assessment from a single VMware manifest file
  • Lightweight, express validation of application intentions
  • We can offer a business case, migration plan or both
  • Initial results and artefacts in minutes
  • Application portfolio modelling
  • Relationship mapping of business capabilities to applications and infrastructure
  • Scenario based cost estimation and projection
  • Risk identification and mitigation

Process and Benefits

Appcentric’s Assess process begins with a single RVTools file for lightweight, express validation of your application intentions. Subsequent steps build upon this foundation identifying your business requirements. Do you need a Business Case? a Migration Plan? or perhaps both?

Current state financial and application portfolio modelling quickly identifies whether your business is ready to move their applications and infrastructure. Allowing you to call out potential roadblocks early.

Focused Analysis ensures you are armed with a business case that provides justification for change and / or a tailored reform and migration plan that considers risk mitigation and benefit realisation.

Step 01

Rapid Assessment

Rapid Assessment – upload an RVTools file

  • Build initial model
  • Lightweight, express validation of application intentions


  • Initial high level business case deck

Step 02

Business Case and/or Migration Plan

Do you require a Business Case? Migration Plan? or both?

  • Current state financial modelling
  • Application portfolio modelling


  • Detailed report and scope of work for next steps

Step 03

Focused Analysis

Focused Analysis

  • Migration scheduling and planning
  • Identify application owners, testers and technical SMEs
  • Risk identification and mitigation


  • A board-ready business case backed up by a well thought out plan


We’re all about enterprise apps.  Assessment, modernisation, maintenance, migration and even new builds.

Reach out to use and we’ll work out how we can help.