Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously.  We collect and use data about your organisation as part of our work with you.  

Signup Information: When you sign up for Appcentric you provide an email address and other identifying pieces of information. You have to log in with a username (typically an email address) so We know who you are.  We create a temporary password for you when you first login and you are required to change this when you next login.  We use Azure Active Directory as the backend for our signup information.

Your Data: Our Service depends on access to your data. When you enter your data you grant us a license to use this data to provide Our Service. You agree that we are using your data for legitimate business purposes. 

Use Data: We collect data on how you use the Service in order to improve our Service.

Browser Data: We collect data from the web browser you use to access the Service. We record the IP address you connect from, the type of browser and operating system you use.

Cookies: We use cookies to make your experience more pleasant. 

Marketing: Some of our Services are free. Most of our Services have a fee. We will contact users of our free Services to offer upgrades to paid Services. If you wish to stop receiving our marketing material please cancel your free Service and unsubscribe from our mailing list via the link provided in each email message.

Data sharing: We may share your data with our staff and contractors if you request assistance. We will also share your data with Users you add to your account. Your account may already be part of a team or group account and we will share details of your membership with them. 

Privacy Law: jtwo solutions Pty Ltd is subject to the Australian Privacy Act and the oversight of the Office of The Australian Information Commissioner. 

Jurisdiction: jtwo solutions Pty Ltd is subject to Australian law and we will obey lawful directions to release data to Australian law enforcement or to comply with Australian Federal or State laws. 

Where is your data stored? Our servers are operated by AWS and Azure, generally located in the country where you are using the service or in one with a compatible data privacy regime. 

Data Transfer: We will not transfer your data between jurisdictions without your agreement. 

Revisions: We may revise our Policy and will post it on our website. We will email you notice if we change this Policy or any of our other user agreement documents.

Your Right to Control and Access Your Information: You have control over your personal information. You can delete your data and cancel your account at any time. 

Contact: Your personal information is controlled by jtwo solutions Pty Ltd. You can contact our Data Protection Officer via  


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